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Clevastin Review – Does Clevastin REALLY Work?

Clevastin iClevastins another big name in breast enhancement, offering a unique method of delivery. Clevastin consists of a combination of breast enlargement pills and bust enhancement gel – a system that promises to work two-fold for better and faster results. It was interesting for met to find something common while while i was reading miracle bust reviews that both of these supplements are well working and contains almost same ingredients.

Clevastin Ingredients

Clevastin is manufactured by a reputable nutraceutical company called Meadow Creek Laboratories. Clevastin capsules consists of ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Fennel Seed, Damiana Leaf, Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Fenugreek Seed, L-Tyrosine, Kelp, Vitamin E, Dong Quai and Dandelion Leaf powder, all of which are commonly found in many breast enhancement supplements.

Clevastin gel, on the other hand, contains similar ingredients as the capsule, and is packed with botanical estrogens for bust enhancement.


Clevastin Results

Clevastin’s website outlines many breast enhancement benefits which include:
- Firming the skin from the breast up to the chin for that ultimate bust lift
- Improving the shape of the breast and preventing further loss of tone
- Delivering a more refined, more toned bust shape
- Achieving a more full-figured look

The Clevastin official website mentions clinical studies which have shown that the ingredients in Clevastin can initiate a reaction that usually happens only during puberty, when the breast tissue grows at a faster pace. This effect is said to be delivered by the herbal ingredients, which help increase the levels of estrogen in the body. These hormonal changes, in turn, bring about the growth of delicate breast tissues to achieve those fuller looking breasts many women would like to have.


Clevastin Dosage and Usage

The manufacturers suggest intake of two Clevastin capsules per day, preferably once in the morning and evening, with good. As for the gel, the maker recommends applying a small, pea-sized amount onto the skin on the breast and gently massaging with upward, circular motion, twice a day. Contact with the nipple area must be avoided.



Clevastin is an interesting product uniquely offered in a capsule and gel forms. However, Clevastin capsules and gel are strangely not available separately – which means that you have to buy the set altogether. Try out using Miracle bust as an alternate day along with clevastin. Although it is understandable considering their purported holistic effect, this renders the consumers with no choice but to buy both. Moreover, based on the ingredients, Clevastin does not seem to be bad at all. In fact, based on customer testimonials and feedback, it seems to be quite promising. Considering that it costs only $60 for a set, Clevastin might just be worth the added bucks.


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